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Full Version: addons: differentiate bewteen "broken" and "not met dependencies"
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At the moment we do not differentiate between having an addon with the <broken> tag in addon.xml and having unmet dependencies.
Between these there's substantial difference.

An addon is intentionally marked broken because it's no longer supported by the author or the sources it uses are no longer available.
Having unmet dependencies can happen because you simple are missing an addon or module or in the case of skins (or python scripts) we bump our main dependency version and it becomes unsupported or not compatible.

So "broken" and "not compatible" should be handled separate.
I agree they should be identified separately... but not being a developer, I have no recommendations on how to implement this. Smile
How exactly would you want them differentiated? i.e. what would the user see that is different between the two cases?
Had a play, see what you mean.

PR here for discussion. Basically I've split the "broken" status out into "broken" and "unmet dependencies".

this has been added now
Great! Was wondering this myself.