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Full Version: Trying to install XBMCbuntu full on USB
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Hey y'all,

Im pretty new with XBMC, I knew that XBMC already existed, but have never looked into.
But a few days ago a other friend shows me a lot of cool functions so i thought im gonna use that!

So i used first on my Windows laptop and saw that xbmc has his own os, XBMCbuntu. I installed it on a USB stick.
But what mine problem is that it dont save my addons, settings etc.
So i thougt i saw in the boot menu a option to install. I tried it to install it on my usb stick but i dont come out of choosing my usb stick in the installer.
So i thougt i will take 2 usb sticks, one with the installation file (The XBMCbuntu live iso) and one empty usb stick to install it on it.
I tried that i thought i did it right and i will work. But in the instalation after it copies the files the installation failed becuase it was not responding no more, that says the installation and that there was a log file. So i thougt i go on my windows, and will ook. But my disk wasnt to able to open, when i click on it, it say that i first need to format it.

I have like googled for 3 hours, but cant find it.
So my question is: How to install XBMCbuntu full on a USB Stick. Not as a live os.

Who can help me ?


It's hard to help you when the only information you give is "it didn't work". Are you sure the stick you installed to was big enough?
Install to a second usb stick, or install it on harddrive and dual boot with windows.