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Full Version: Move Music Lyrics Addon core handling to XBMC's core, same as for subtitles?
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I like to suggest that (Music) Lyrics Addons core handling code be moved to XBMC's core.

Since it have already been decided that the Subtitles Addon core handling will be moved to XBMC's core in Pull Request 3552, maybe that code could be extended to also support similar lyrics service plugins too?

That is, exact same concept as for the new subtitles service plugins, with a common interface as part of XBMC core, if that code and GUI window(s) could be extended or reused for this too?

Pull Request 3552 idea is to the GUI portion of the XBMC Subtitles Script into XBMC's core, and has the individual subtitle services run as plugins from there, which will allow better skin integration of downloading of subtitles. As better described on the news site here http://xbmc.org/making-subtitle-search-better/

So perhaps the same new UI window(s) and concept could be extend or reused to be used for lyrics service plugins?
That could be usefull !