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Full Version: Official Add-On Website- issues and suggestions
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Has anyone else noticed the black icon images lately? Seems to be happening on recently updated addons.
Hey all! So it looks like the website might have an issue. It would seem that add-ons added to the repository on 11/14/15 got their icons, but add-ons added either on the 15th or 16th (16th for sure) and later get a black box instead of their icon. I'm not sure what changed, if anything, but I thought you guys would want to know.

Edit: Rick beat me to it. What he said.
This add-on was posted today, and appears to have an icon associated with it on the site. That leads me to believe the issue is with add-ons that have been updated.
Now it appears to be affecting every add-on on the website.
Thanks we are taking a look at this. We're also working on a new site as well so it may be some time to fix.
MTV.it on demand:
I have try to search to an official forum and i don't thinks it's present an official thread of this addons........................... i have to ask some information because i thinks some goes wrongs on some episode present on main site and it's not appears on listened in this addons......

When i try to search using MTV.it or Mtv i obtain:
One or more of your search terms were shorter than the minimum length. The minimum search term length is 4 characters.

If you're trying to search for an entire phrase, enclose it within double quotes. For example "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog".

If exist a official thread link to me Smile

I have noticed that the Plugin "Telekom Entertain" is marked as broken. I think it's a mistake, because it works with Kodi 15.2.
Not sure what the reason was for the report, but I think that lot of users try this plugin to watch TV over the internet without having a contract with the provider who need's a Entertain subscription.

So all users who did't pay for Telekom Entertain are not able to watch it. You can simply test it with opening the URL: http://download.avm.de/tv/1/m3u/eins_festival.m3u in VLC as "Network URL". When you will see a lot of the german TV stations and can watch them, you are able to use the plugin.

Also you are only able to view the free TV stations. If you try to watch stations of your separated Pay TV subscriptions, you can only do that over your Entertain Media Receiver. You are also not be able to watch the private TV stations in HD. Only the public ones like ARD, ZDF, Arte...

PS: The only thing what I have noticed is, that the streaming running not perfect. Sometimes the sound switch a bit between slower and faster or I see some little problems of the stream like broken pixeled images or a lot of green inside the picture. Not sure if this a WLAN problem of the Pi 3 and Kodi...
If I open the Stream on my iMac inside VLC it works without any problem in SD and HD.
How do you get crunchyroll too work on your phone? All i got working at the moment is mlg.tv
Is it possible to have the movies genres also in other languages?
Indeed , it misses the images if the name is different . Example: for the genus 'Action' is like writing in French and the image appears, but is written Drama Vs Drama, So the image is not displayed .

Can you please look into also listing binary addons on the addon website?

Right now it looks like the only addons listed on the addon website are either python plugins, python scripts, and skins?

At least I can not see any binary addons listed there now? Such as:

- Binary PVR addons
- Binary Audio DSP addons
- Binary Visualizations addons
- Binary Screensavers addons
- Binary InputStream addons
- Binary Game addons (in the future)

Maybe for Krypton you should also list Peripheral Addons (Joystick addons)?

And btw, I can not either see any of the new resource addons listed either?

But maybe there are no resource addons available as of yet?

- Image resource addons
- sound resource addons
the Tweakers-addon isn`t working anymore.
What can be done to fix this?
That's a question for the add-on's thread, not this one.
Hey everyone,

Is anyone else experiencing an issue with the official Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) addon? It isn't loading; I've tried reloading it from a couple sources but still experiencing the same issue.
At the risk of repeating myself:

(2016-05-26, 21:49)DarrenHill Wrote: [ -> ]That's a question for the add-on's thread, not this one.

In this case the relevant thread is this one and yes at the moment CBC has been reported as being down.
Hi i don't know if this is the right place for this however maybe someone will know? I was wondering about game shows like price is right or game show channel that would have a bunch of shows. Is there a addon for game shows
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