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Full Version: Official Add-On Website- issues and suggestions
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Maybe you could make the addon system open-source, so other people can contribute to it?
It already is

it looks like the add-on frontend only uses a 1:n relation between extension-point and add-on, same with providing media and add-on. In fact add-ons can have multiple extension points and some extension points may have multiple provide-entries.

IMO this should be n:m to "kind" (script, plugin, screensaver, scraper, etc) AND n:m to providing media (image, music, pictures)

Here are two examples:
My Apple iTunes Podcast Plugin has the following extension point:
PHP Code:
<extension point="xbmc.python.pluginsource" library="addon.py">
provides>video audio</provides>
which means that it is a plugin providing video and audio. On the Page it is only listed as providing video (audio missing).

Another example is my The Big Picture Script, it has the following extension points:
PHP Code:
<extension point="xbmc.python.script" library="script.py">
extension point="xbmc.python.pluginsource" library="plugin.py">
provides />
Means, it is a script providing images, but is only listed as script (image missing). The second extension points that it is a plugin which is not shown under any media - but it can be called via plugin:// URI for the slideshow mode as VFS-folder.

Other than that, good work! Smile

I am currently in some kind of "no time for opensource"-mode due to working on my own house but after that I can help with the needed changes if you agree in them.

Yep this is already fixed on my github Wink

I'll try and get it cleaned up and pushed out today.

As I wrote to you privately I would love if you could write some guides on developing plugins so other users can follow them. I could then link them from the add-on website for easy access.
Nice :-)

No need for hurry...
@sphere, most or your things should be addressed. I also replaced the @ sign in author names with [AT] as a poor mans spam protection (if it actually helps which I doubt).
Again this is all really great work! But please stop writing third-party / third-parties as “3rd party” / “3rd parties” all over the place on these add-on pages and the xbmc.org site.

I just think that unnecessary abbreviation / shortening of the word “third” to "3rd" is unprofessional and kind of childish.

And it goes on my OCD nerves when not just silly kids still use leet speak spelling like that. So to paraphrase that popular MEME which relates to this, it is:

NOT “3RD″.

who really cares.
we will write 3rd party if we see fit even though it might not we be perfect English
usage of some silly MEME is even more childish and unprofessional.
I noticed that the "Top Developers" section has problems with "(" in the provider-name field.

"Rick Phillips (ruuk)" shows as "Rick Phillips ("

I noticed a number of posts back that someone said we should be using our forum names here. Are we avoiding real names for some reason? Should I change all my addon.xml files to have just my forum name?

I have used "Rick Phillips (ruuk)" because Rick Phillips is my name as the author, but most people would know me as ruuk.
The reason for forum names is to make it easier to link you to it. No reason you are not allowed your real name Smile
So just keep it as you like.
I'd use the forum name, we hope to link them one day.
(2013-12-09, 21:55)Martijn Wrote: [ -> ]The reason for forum names is to make it easier to link you to it. No reason you are not allowed your real name Smile
So just keep it as you like.
@ruuk, there is no issue with braces, names simply get cut off after X characters. The cropping should probably just be dropped, zag?

Could do, but some of the authors names are really long which messes us alignment in certain areas. Others have their entire email addresses in them and all sorts. I think this is just legacy issues.
Looks great but, for me at least, all links to mirrors.xbmc.org timeout.
Using wget I see that my Berlin (Germany) address is being refused.

Quote: wget http://mirrors.xbmc.org/addons/frodo/plu...-1.1.1.zip
--2013-12-10 06:01:54-- http://mirrors.xbmc.org/addons/frodo/plu...-1.1.1.zip
Resolving mirrors.xbmc.org (mirrors.xbmc.org)...
Connecting to mirrors.xbmc.org (mirrors.xbmc.org)||:80... failed: Connection refused.

Using a server in the States was fine for 3 wget instances, then that too was refused.
Subsequent attempts from servers in England and France also receive blanket connection refusals.
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