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Full Version: New vnsi
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Debug log http://paste.ubuntu.com/6409467/

Hello, I saw the vdr plugin updated this morning.

I built the new vnsi one and installed it.
Nov 13 07:41:07 xbmc vdr: [22135] initializing plugin: vnsiserver4 (0.9.
2): VDR-Network-Streaming-Interface (VNSI) Server
Nov 13 07:41:07 xbmc vdr: [22135] starting plugin: vnsiserver4
Nov 13 07:50:43 xbmc vdr: [22174] loading /var/lib/vdr/plugins/vnsiserve

But my xbmc fails to load the plugin (see debug log)

Any pointers would be great.
Ahhh I am presuming it is related to this


yes, you also can manually edit addon.xml and set gui version to 5.0.1
Thanks for the reply Smile
I've tried changed the api version of the following files from 1.0.0 to 5.0.1 but I still have problem enabling the add-on.


In the log i got
PVR - Add-on 'VDR VNSI Client' is using an incompatible GUI API version. XBMC minimum GUI API version = '5.0.1', add-on GUI API version '1.0.0'

Have I changed the wrong files or do I need to do something more?

Sstrangely enough, it works after a reinstall and a dist-upgrade.
The problems started with a dist-upgrade.
will be fixed after this goes in: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/3656