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Full Version: How to install latest versions of VDR/addon/plugin?
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I've just finished a fresh install like described in "Linux - Radeon OSS with vdpau (howto)" to use VDPAU on my AMD E350 APU. Everything related to video playback is working just fine and now I tried to install VDR for watching TV. I tried to follow the Wiki article about this, but I can't get it to work. When I try to enable Live TV in XBMC, it freezes. Maybe that guide in the Wiki is outdated, so I hope someone can help me to install or compile the needed components to get this up and running since I don't manage to do it on my own. I'm using a Technotrend TT-connect CT-3650 CI USB interface for receiving TV signal. If you need any logs, I will try to provide them.

Thanks in advance

hard to tell what happens here without having a debug log.
where did you get the server plugin from? the wiki is outdated: currently we have vnsiserver4
I followed the Ubuntu part of the wiki article, so I guess the server plugin is from yavdr/unstable repo, but I'm not sure. I'll try to get the debug log tomorrow and then I'll post it here.


Took me a little longer to get back to this. I checked everything again and somehow the xbmc-pvr-vdr-vnsi addon was missing. I think that was the reason that caused the freeze when activating Live TV in the settings. TV is working now.

The installed versions are the following now:

xbmc-pvr-vdr-vnsi: 1.9.4-9saucy
vdr-plugin-vnsiserver: 1:0.9.2-9saucy
vdr: 2.0.3-1

Are there any newer versions or nightlys I can upgrade to?