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Full Version: Best practice to make a size suitable for Pal&NTSC
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hi guys,

i just finished the remake of media center edition 2005 and would love to get it working nicely with pal too. ie: not compressed with extra realestate at the bottom.


would all i need is a reference file? what happens to other static images, ie like musicoverlay.xml. would xbmc allocate an addition 100px to the y location of all images?

correct. as long as everything has a <height> tag, it will scale correctly.
(jmarshall @ jan. 31 2006,22:55 Wrote:correct.  as long as everything has a <height> tag, it will scale correctly.
thanks buddy, beat me to it.

btw, great job. i know you hear that alot but really great job.
Quote:"most use pal as the default, yes.

there are some that use ntsc though, but i don't see any real issue in you just using pal as the base for your editor.

xbmc handles the scaling just based on the width and height of the images and the <width> and <height> tags specified in the xml - there is no need for selection based on the resolution.  if we are loading in ntsc mode, then all the vertical offsets are scaled at load time to their pal equivalents (ie multiply by 576/480)."

ok, the vertical thing is ok. xbmc added the additional amount.

so, by adding <width><height><posx><posy> to all controls in all xml files. and use a default resolution as ntsc, pal should render correctly, right.

sorry if i sound like a idiot,  : Huh

correct. just make sure all controls have their <height> and <width> tags set.