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Full Version: Help installing xbmcbuntu to hardware raid 5
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Hi All,

ive been trying but just can't seem to figure this out myself,
i am trying to install xbmcbuntu to a raid 5 array consiting of 6 x 3tb drives.
I keep getting tripped up with installing the bootloader, array is called /dev/md126 (i think) and it wants to put bootloader in /dev/sda.

Can anyone help please?

Hardware raid or software raid?
Hardware raid on the motherboard

I suppose I could go for software if possible..

Just at a loss unfortunately
So, did you create the RAID array in your BIOS or in the Ubuntu installer? I'd normally go for software RAID (that is the one you configure in the installer) but it's totally up to you. RAID setup can be a bit confusing at first, you should check for some guides.
I'd use software raid (mdadm) as its not tied to a particular motherboard chipset. You can't install a boot loader onto a raid array, it needs to be on a drive that grub can read - ie a USB drive or other non-raid HDD.
This isn't my area of expertise by any stretch, but I believe the following to be true.

1) Installing any linux on real hardware raid (where there is no software/mdadm) should appear as a pure /dev/sdx device (just like a single drive).
2) Some googling suggests that booting to a software/mdadm raid array (using grub/grub2) is a tough slog.
Yeah but bios raid (fakeraid) isn't real raid, you'd need a dedicated controller for that. Seems you can install a bootloader onto a fakeraid, though when I tried several years ago I had trouble installing a boot loader onto fake raid.

Often a "fake RAID" will show up as a pure software RAID when installing Linux instead of the expected single large drive.
Cool, so if I do it through the installer do I leave the drive as plain drives in the bios? And use something else option in the installer?

Will I suffer any performance loss?

Thanks allSmile
Tell us, when you have done it.
I was having a similar issue with installing XBMCbuntu (v12.2) to an Intel motherboard "fakeraid" Raid0 array (2 x 500gb - for testing).
I was installing via a USB thumb drive to the raid, and it always gave me the grub error - even when I changed the location for the bootloader to install.
I kept reading that the installer gets confused about where to install grub (keeps trying /dev/sda), so I decided to try a different route and burnt a live CD to install from.
Let me just say, I never had an issue with the installation not seeing the array. It was always there. The issue is with Grub.

So, here's what I did: - Firstly, I made sure that the raid was enabled under the motherboard BIOS, and I set up the array by accessing the Intel Raid ROM during boot-up (Make sure you do this!)
a) Made the live CD
b) Booted up with it
c) Chose to install
d) When the installer asks if I want to Erase the drive, I chose "Something Else"
e) Partitioned the entire array as one large partition and set it as "/" (root) - NB. I chose not to make a swap partition as I have 8gb of ram installed.
f) Down the bottom of that window, it asks where to install Grub, and I changed this to the raid array volume (not the partition I had just created, but the actual raid volume)
g) Continued with the Installation
h) I still got the "Can't install bootloader on /dev/mapper/isw_xxx error during the install, but I did something I thought crazy at the time and selected the "Continue without Bootloader" option.
I) Installation went on its merry way, completed and asked me to reboot.
j) Rebooted, took the live CD out, and....
k) The system booted straight into XBMC! It works, and keeps working.

I have no idea if it's because I used a Live CD instead of a Live thumb drive, because of the way I partitioned, or just because I selected to continue without a bootloader.
I will attempt to narrow it down by trying a vanilla install off a Live thumb drive.

Hope this helps someone!

P.S. My setup is Asus P7P55D Pro m/b, Intel i7-860 cpu, 8gb Ripjaw 1600 ram, Asus Nvidia GT610 fanless, 2 x 500gb SataII WD 7200rpm, LG Sata Blu-ray burner (just a test rig)

Ok, so after testing with a Live usb thumb drive, I've managed to figure out how to make it work.
a) Make a brand new "fakeraid" array, don't use an existing one. Go into the Intel Raid rom, delete any existing array, and make a new one.
b) Follow the directions above from item c) onwards.

The system should boot up off the array.
(2013-11-18, 20:41)teeedubb Wrote: [ -> ]I'd use software raid (mdadm) as its not tied to a particular motherboard chipset. You can't install a boot loader onto a raid array, it needs to be on a drive that grub can read - ie a USB drive or other non-raid HDD.

Don't usually +1 comments, but couldn't agree with this more! So much so, I'd assist with building it Wink

Ref: https://raid.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/RAID_setup