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Full Version: Best Hardware?
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Are there any recommendations for running Retroplayer on certain hardware platforms?

I was thinking about getting a Pivos Xios but wasn't sure if the specs would be able to run Retroplayer well enough. Anybody have any experience with it?

Personally, the best experience I've had with emulators was on my old Xbox and TV. I have high hopes that this will surpass it!

Depends on what emulators you want to be able to use I would say. I have loaded RetroPie onto an overclocked raspberry pi (1000/500/600/6), which uses emulationstation as a GUI to RetroArch and it can run up to playstation roms okay. The N64 emulator is still a work in progress, especially for ARM devices from what I understand but it was struggling to the point of not being playable (for games like Ocarina of Time). My next ARM device was going to be an ODROID U2 but the latest XBMC improvements for the Pi have taken any need for a new, more powerful ARM device away completely. If you're looking to play just the older systems I would say a Pi would be all you need. But there are lots of opinions out there.
stay away from Mali 400 gpu - wait for tegra 4!!