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Full Version: Googlemusic addon doesn't start
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I installed the goolgemusic addon 0.8.2 on my raspberry (xbmc on raspbian).
I can enter my google music loggin and password, but then when I start the addon I see the follow message :
"script failed!: plugin.audio.googlemusic "

(MOD EDIT: Removed log contents pasted directly in post)

Could you please help ?

Thanks Ralf
Welcome to the XBMC forums.

You may want to check out the thread devoted to this add-on to see if anyone there can offer some advice: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=134783

Please don't paste log contents directly in your post as this creates too much clutter. Instead, upload your entire debug log (wiki) (not just a snippet) to a public paste site such as www.xbmclogs.com and post just the assigned URL. Also, be sure you enable debug logging in XBMC before reproducing the problem so more diagnostic information is captured in the log you will upload.