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Full Version: epg2vdr , epg and epgimages ?
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Hi there - i am using

vdr, xbmc and vnsi "in between" - so far so good.

on vdr-side i use the new epgd, epg2vdr plugin to retrieve epg from tvm - images included - displays well in web - acccess to vdr like xxv or live.

xbmc gets its epg from the vdr's.

- is it advisable to let xbmc store the epg retrieved from the vdr in xbmc's datavase
- is it advisable to let the 2 instances of xbmc store the epg in a common mysql-database and why?

- would it be possible to let xbmc use epgd's database directly (read only) and how - if not wouldn't that make sense?
- is it planned to display epgimages inside xbmc?