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Full Version: Listen radio on start
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Hi there! I'm a newbie with xbmc. I've installed the Radio add-on and added one radio to my favorites and to my radios list. I want to use my Raspberry pi as a "radio recevier", so I would like to start my radio station when xbmc start. Is there any way to do it?
Welcome to the XBMC forums.

Method 1:
  1. Enable debug logging in XBMC
  2. Launch the Radio add-on, play your station, stop playback and exit XBMC
  3. Locate your debug log (wiki) (xbmc.log), open it with a plain text editor, look for the URL for the station and copy it
  4. Create a text file with an strm file extension (e.g., my-station-name.strm), edit it, paste the URL into it, and save the file.
  5. Launch XBMC and select: System/Settings > Appearance > Skin > - Settings > General settings > Enable playlist at startup > enable this option and navigate to the location on your playlist (*.strm) file and select it
Method 2:
  1. Assuming you've already added that station to your XBMC favourites (as you'd stated), navigate to your userdata (wiki) directory, locate and open the favourites.xml file with a plain text editor
  2. Locate the favourites entry for your radio station and copy the Playmedia command from it (e.g., PlayMedia(plugin://plugin.audio.radio_de/station/xxxx)
  3. Create a text file in the userdata (wiki) directory called autoexec.py and add the following contents to it (using the Playmedia command you had copied from favourites.xml):
    import xbmc
    xbmc.executebuiltin( "PlayMedia(plugin://plugin.audio.radio_de/station/xxxx)" )
  4. Save the autoexec.py file and grant it execute permission since you're likely running Linux on an RPi
Since you're on a Raspberry Pi, you may have to SSH into it from another computer to examine the xbmc.log or favourites.xml file (depending on which method you choose), create the necessary file (*.strm or autoexec.py) using a text editor on the other computer, and then transfer the completed file to the RPi.
Thank you for this solution, It is working for me.

Do you have an idea how can I do a timeshift of few hours for the radio?

I am using Kodi on Raspberry PI 3 with OSMC