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Full Version: How to remove the media cases?
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Hi all,

I'm looking for the option or the manipulation to remove the media cases that are you can see while browsing your movies.
I know it is possible since I've done it already, but I can't find the way to do it again after a clean install. I've looked for on this forum and Google but impossible to get that information.

I would appreciate if somebody can help me with that.

Thanks! Smile
it would be under view options should be the first option Use media case
In the settings of XBMC or in the settings of the skin?

I have looked for the options in the 2 cases and did not see anything. I'm using the Frodo 12.2
Depending on how you display your movie (list, pannel, coverflow etc.) You either press left or up a couple of time on your remote or keyboard while in your movie section. This brings out a popup menu on the left where you can customize the view.
Got it! Big Grin
Thank you so much