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Full Version: HT SlideVision Trivia Slides collection 4,134 slides
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Home Theater SlideVision is set of slides I have created that can be used with or without XBMC for Pre-Show entertainment and/or intermission at Home Theater events that will play on any Home Theater PC and most Blu-Ray Players. Currently it includes Star Wars the complete saga, all four Pirates of the Caribbean movies, the first four Alien series movies not including Prometheus, Superman 1-4 plus Superman Returns, Underworld 1-4, The Matrix 1-3, The Lord of the Ring Trilogy, and the recently completed 007 James Bond Collections. As of this posting I have created 3,598 Slides visit the website below for full details.

Many more example movies and full 1920x 1080 images can be viewed at the home site of the collection. As well as details of how they can be downloaded..