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Full Version: Enemy Territory, Archived Matchs Broken
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plugin.video.enemy.territory: Broken


What it is: http://enemyterritory.sectornetwork.com/..._MySQL.php
Enemy Territory, Archived Enemy Territory Matchs.

  • Support to set Viwemodes for current skin or any custom viewmode under settings. Supports all skins as of 2015-02-20.
  • Add-To / View Playlist via Context Menu.
  • All HTTP Resources are cached localy for speed improvements, allowing for HTTP 304 not modified support.
  • Any HTTP Resource can be forced refreshed via Context Menu.
  • Sort by Date or Title.
Tested with Helix on:
Windows, Linux

This add-on can be found in the official kodi.tv add-on repository.
This add-on can also be downloaded from my Git Repo.

Change log:
Version 2.0.1 2016-01-04
- Added option to disable url caching from the add-on settings.
- Marked as Broken

Version 2.0.0 2015-02-20
- Removed download support
- Changed to auto select content type
- Changed to auto select sort methods
- Changed to return a generator instead of a list
- Changed settings.xml to use new methods for setting view mode
- Some small method renames

Source Code: https://github.com/willforde/plugin.vide....territory
Note If you get error "Dependencies not met". You may need to install the latest script.module.xbmcutil addon.
Updated addon to remove Broken flag.