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Full Version: PVR add-on with limited bandwidth option
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Hello xbmc community
I spend a couple of hours searching the net for a answer but couldn`t find a solution.
Let me explain what I am looking for. I have a vdr (yavdr) as backend (headless server) and would like to connect to this server with a couple of clients (smartphones, notebooks...). Some of this clients are using a limited bandwidth connection like wifi connections. I am searching for a PVR add-on or a setting in xbmc to adjust the steaming quality of the live tv stream from vdr, like you are able to adjust the streaming quality with Externremux.sh.
I could not find a option within xbmc or the xvdr add-on.
Is there no solution for my intention at moment? I would like to set on xbmc as client software cause it will bring the waf. Wink