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Full Version: Aeon Nox music playing option
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Hi all,

I tried so many things that the only option I have is to ask this simple question here. I think it's a simple question because I see on the internet that it's working for everyone besides me.

Here the thing:

When I play a music song from my libary I can see all the fanart that I can have but I miss only 1 simple thing, the time of the song ( see picture below)


(00:10/04:08) that's the part I don't see.

Please help me out here so that I can see this option also.

I have Aeon Nox 4.0
It's about the time display I don't see, do I have to hit some key for that??
Had to put the *tab* key, only my remote didn't had a tab key, blame on me Smile