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Full Version: Adding custom video folder to menu bar
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I am trying to do something simple - but it isn't working...
The goal: have the movie link on the menu bar access movies (as it does) + have a similar kids movies menu item on it as well to access a separate folder named kids on the hd.
All video files are in folders with the video names.

What I did:
1 added to movie sources "movies" folder and "kids" folder. Defined them as containing movies + in folders.
2 added in he skin settings a "video node" item and selected under files he kids folder

Now - movies folder works as expected. Kids folder doesn't open movies once the are clicked. They open he folders showing all files inside. Once the video Ike is selected it plays.

How do I get he kids button to show all kids movies and play each movie once selected.?
I know it is possible since I go it to work before, but don't know how...
I tagged my kids movies and then made two smart playlists. 1 that displays the kids tag and one that excludes the kids tag. I put both playlists as custom menu items through the ace custom home screen settings. Not that it isn't possible but I never had much success with nodes.
You can save a lot of time tagging the movies and simply create a smart playlist that plays files from a specific directory. Select path starts with x:\movies\kids\ Set how many items you want the playlist to create and in which order they are sorted. Add that playlist to the main menu via the menu settings.
Im looking to do the same thing and was curious if you got this to work.

I have an SMB folder smb://drobo/media/movies as well as smb://drobo/media/kids movies

I loved the look when I added the movies to the video library, but when I added kids movies it got weird. I really just want to go to Movies, then either movies or kids movies. Im going to add more folder locations on my SMB so its only going to get more busy. Having the folders there helps a lot.
Figured it out. Not with playlists. Rather with he Aeon Nox 5 skin.
Indeed - got it to work too with Aeon Nox.
Very useful feature Smile