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Full Version: Where is my Power OFF Button??? Android Remote
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i use the offical android remote. Everything works fine, I can wake up my HTPC by pressing the Power ON button.

My problem is, that I can not Power the HTPC off cause I have no Power Off Button.......where can I find it?

When the remote is connected I only have:

TV Shows
Now Playing
Use as Remote

Can anyone help me?
Use as Remote Control > Power
Is there android remote app that allow me to enter code?
I know the code for my tv but and I have galaxy s4 , but I want an app that allows me to enter the code myself because I can't find it in the lists.
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Artrafael,you rightly say,its so simple you use this Use as Remote Control > Power


While the remote control is in vertical mode is the power button the Top button that's unlabelled?

When I rotate my phone and the remote goes into horizontal mode I'm able to see a 'power off' button in the bottom-right hand corner.

The power off works in horizontal mode, but not while the phone is vertical.

If it's in vertical mode and I push the top button I get a xbmc popup message saying that the remote was disconnected, but the system stays powered on.