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Full Version: Universal Artist Scraper failing theaudiodb.com lookups
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I'm having problems with the universal artist scraper not fidning artists on the theaudiodb.com. I'm sure that the artists are present on the site, I've looked up several of them. I've deleted the music23.db from userdata to redo it. And it scans the same way. Most of the artists are failing and the ones that are failing are getting the artist art from one of the found artists. Also the album scraper is failing as well and doing the same thing with the art, just from a different artist.

I'm out of ideas. I'm using XBMC 12.2 on windows 7
I believe I'm having a similar issue. My music collection is very small. 470 songs, 219 artists. My metadata is very clean. I can't get xbmc (12.2) to scrape all files.

It always finds 459 songs, 216 artists. However, if I got through Music>Files> then it lists all 219 artists.

I've been able to find 2 of the three missing ones, they are:
Warren Zevon
Local H
...both of which are in theaudiodb.com but I can't get it to scrape their info.

Any thoughts?

Why don't you use TheAudioDB-Scrapper if you're sure that AudioDB contains your artists?
Sorry, just realized someone had replied. I have tried that (changing to AudioDB as the scraper) and it doesn't change the outcome at all.

Could it be some sort of specific codec? I really have no idea what it could be
Post a debug log file, its probably the musicbrainz lookup in the first place.

You can aways overwrite it with an nfo file with a mb link in it.