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Full Version: Connecting XBMC to TV via Pioneer receiver - NOT working
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Hi, I have all my A/V components in a closet in a different room that the TV.

I am trying to connect the cube (ouya) into my TV through the receiver. Here is what I am doing:

Cube to Receiver (video 1) input using USB
Receiver Output (USB)
Then Receiver OUTPUT to 4 channel USB splitter INPUT.
Splitter OUTPUT routes to TV

I tried connecting directly to the TV and it works if I connect directly tv in a USB input.

I need to connect to receiver in order to enjoy surround sound.

Anyone else having this issue?
As far as I'm aware Ouya doesn't support bitstreaming. Also, USB? Did you mean HDMI?

If you're using HDMI so the order is Ouya -> AVR -> TV then try setting the audio to 2.0 analogue and see what happens. It really sounds like you're connecting the device in the most backwards way possible, of course there may be a specific reason for this but I don't really understand why.