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Full Version: power pro tv box
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hi i tried installing http://xfinity.xunitytalk.com but it would always stop before finishing.It would state error while installing and insufficient storage space.I would click storage and it gave me a date of Jan.1st 2011.now mybox(power pro)has completely shut down and now when i turn it on,all i get is android emblem going round and round.Could you please help me with these issues,thank you
I have no idea how to fix your box or how that would even happen, but I will tell you this:

If you get to a point where you can try to install that "xfinity" service again, don't do it. That's a shitty website that installs shitty add-ons that display shitty ads for pirated video that is of shitty quality. If you want to pirate video, more power to you, but there are much better quality sources for you to plunder, and they won't cram ads down your face. Also, the people who run that site are a bunch of dicks who are 12 years old.

Please spread the word.