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Full Version: Feature request - stream to airplay speaker
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i am a new user, love the xbmc on apple tv, rad software, thanks for that.

i would love to stream audio output from apple tv to my airport express devices tough. Any plans to implement this?
Or if i am missing something, is there any way to make this happen?

No plans on supporting this - not possible atm.

PS: this is possible with newer OSX versions automagically - where you can set any AirPlay target as audio - output device on the osx level. So it is kinda possible with newer OSX versions (10.8 i guess) but its not planned to do this on our own (which is not easily doable).
Thanks for your answer. Understandable but kinda sad. Had a fine multi room setup going!

Thanks anyways!
If you put something like Crystalbuntu on the ATV1, or do your own Ubuntu installation, then you might be able to do something on the Ubuntu-level. XBMC would select a virtual sound device from Ubuntu and just think it's a normal stereo output device. I haven't ever done this myself, but it sounds like a few people have gotten it to work on other boxes. Since the ATV1 is technically a "normal" computer, it could work there as well. Google things like "Ubuntu airplay audio" or "pulseaudio airplay".
Thanks for your input! Looks promising. I installed with openelec, they seem not to support pulseaudio, so i will look into crystalbuntu these days. I'll post the outcome here.