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Full Version: Gotham alpha 10 aac audio sync problem
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I just tried Gotham Alpha 10, and now all my videos with aac audio have severe sync problems. The audio ends up several seconds ahead of the video, and no amount of twiddling with the audio delay settings will fix it. I noticed that all aac audio is now transcoded to AC3 and all the audio settings have changed, specifically, there is no option for multichannel capable receiver anymore.

I did see somewhere that there is a new audio engine in XBMC and that it was not working on OSX, so maybe this is part of the problem. I had to revert to alpha 9 in order to bring the wife acceptance factor back to minimal levels. AAC audio works fine in alpha 9.

I'm using a mac mini core duo running 10.6.8.

I'll have to juggle a bit to get a log file since I had to revert, so let me know if one is desired.

In the meantime, if you're using a lot of AAC encoded audio and running OSX, you might be wary of alpha 10.
No problems here with any of my AAC audio tracks.
OK, I figured out a workaround. This only seems to happen when I have vertical blank sync enabled. Disabling it stops the audio sync problem, although I then get some tearing in the video.

Here's a log of the issue happening with Vertical blank sync set to "always".


Since I did have Vertical blank sync set to always under alpha 9 and didn't have the audio sync issue then, this is new to alpha 10.

BTW - alpha 10 says that it is alpha 11 when I look at system info inside XBMC.