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Full Version: Audio output issue
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My system:
-Macbook air (late 2012) connect to TV via HDMI (with adapter)

XBMC version that i've tried:
-12.2 Frodo (crash when open, we all know)
-12.3 beta build

With all of above version, i've encountered an issue with Audio output, specifically, when playing an HD Movie, the image was fine until I switched the audio output to HDMI or Coxial/Optical (it was fine for Analog) then the image started to skip and lag.
I've tried to play that movie by VLC, it was completely fine, so there's no problem with the hardwares.
Anyone gets the same issue?
This morning i've tried xbmc 12.2 Frodo on my pc laptop with the same connection, got the same problem, plus the image suffers shattering.
Debug log (wiki)? A screenshot of your audio settings in XBMC?