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Full Version: [UPNP] Stream from XBMC to UPNP Receiver
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I am fairly new in XBMC world and I am trying to stream a music file from the xbmc client (a linux box) to my av receiver (yamaha rx-671).

On the linux/xbc box:
- xbmc 1.2.9
- latest lubuntu
- all upnp options enabled

On the receiver I can:
- Find the xbmc server
- Browse by different upnp logic (artist, year etc ....)

But it does not archive what I want to do .... I want to select the song/manage the playlist from the linux/xbmc box not from the av receiver.

I have tried with foobar2000 and I managed to make it work as the foobar2000 upnp server as an option for "live streaming" when I browse from the av receiver. Can I do the same with xbmc?