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Hi !

I'm happy to open this thread to do official support and to discuss about my first bmc plugin: plugin.video.jworg


Official wiki page with feature tutorial and screenshots: : http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Add...eo_browser
Github project: https://github.com/realtebo/plugin.video.jworg



+ Video issue due to json layout of some new video
+ Fixed magazine index parsing to fix a bug when 'All magazine' mode
+ Stripped out ' ' from some titles from magazines' index
+ Fixed music index, due to another changes in html of website
+ Fixed dramas index, due, you can guess, to html changes
+ And also fixed dramatic reading issues, for the same reason

+ Bible book index now load faster !
+ Also music index !


+ Complete rewrite of video indexing
+ Video page shows directly the video list
+ The filter function is still available, but as link on very first video list page
+ Now every video json file info (in set of 10) will be parsed to autodetect if it's available the default resolution choose; if yes, a playable item is added to the list, if no a folder item is added to the list [these items are bold and blue, to easy identify a folder item and distinguish it from playable items]
+ Doubled the cache system for even faster item browsing: list of items is cached for 24h, but single item json file is cached for a whole month, because it's highly plausible it will not change anymore.
+ Added a progress bar to help user to be patient when loading video index for first time (once per video page)
+ Enhanched fallback for video images detection; now you can play even the some old videos that was causing crashes before of today

+ I happy to tell that all of this work fixes issue (#23), related to "gotham" (xbmc v13).
+ Also Issue #24 is closed, now you can start plugin from shortcut on confluence start screen.


+ Updated to react to jw.org website changes

+ Switched to BeautifulSoup 3 another portion of code;

Known Issues:
+ With Gotham (13), you must set default video resolution to zero, otherwise a useless alert box will appear when default resolution video is played automatically; I'm still working on this


+ Now preference set about resolution is followed even for video in sign languages


New languages supported:
+ Svedish ("Swenka")

+ Switched to BeautifulSoup 3 another portion of code; this fix article reading after recent html changes in jw.org website


New feature:
+ Video: now you can see videos in sign language (in all supported language)

+ Introduced dependency from BeautifulSoup 3; using this, the plugin could be even more stable and resilient to website html changes


Bug fixes:
+ Modified "Newsroom" to react (again) to changes in jw.org html code
+ Modified "Activities" to react (again) to changes in jw.org html code

+ Change audio list play mode; now addon is ultrafast in listing audio item !
+ Changed print into xbmc.log
+ Switched from xbmcplugin to xbmcaddon in the setting related code

Small enhancements:
+ Auto save of language if detected a supported language; user can see the right language setted when opening for the first time the addon setting window


New setting:
+ Default resolution: it's used as "max resolution", so this resolution will be used if available, otherwise the max resolution available will be used (As asked in Issue #17)

New languages supported:
+ French ("Français")
+ Hungarian ("Magyar")

Bug fixes:
+ Modified "Newsroom" to react to changes in jw.org html code

Small enhancements:
+ When opening audio indexes, if there is only one playable file, it will be started without the need to confirm it clicking on the file title in the track list; one step less for user happyness

+ Improved resistance to net loading problem


New program features:
+ Read the news from the "Newsroom" of jw.org
+ Read the spiritual food program for actual week
+ Read the news from about us -> activities section of jw.org

New languages supported:
+ Afrikaans ("Afrikaans") - This locale has no audio files for bible and for magazines
+ Greek ("Ελληνική") - This locale has no audio files for bible
+ Portuguese of Brasil ("Português (Brasil)") - Diffences in strings, but same remote contents than Portuguese

Language Files:
+ Updated to lastest translations available from transifex
+ Added comments to .po english file for better translations (now are visible in transifex in all languages)

+ Improved reusability
+ Added support for locales without some audio (like bible and magazine readings for Afrikaans)
+ Simplified configuration for jw.org language support
+ Changed json loading to handle ajax-like requests (Close Issue #15)


Small enhancements:
+ Changed order in index, to reflect jw.org item order (magazines now is after bible)

New languages supported (not 100% translated in some cases):
+ Dutch ("Nederlands")
+ Polish ("Polski")
+ Spanish ("Español")
+ German ("Deutsch")
+ Portuguese ("Português")

+ Changed detection of simplified edition of watchtower study edition
+ Removed unused strings to translate
+ Enforced resistence to json loading errors
+ Enforced UTF-8 support
+ Enforced resistence to magazine page when missing cover images
+ Enforced drama title scraping
+ Switched to .po for mainstream (English) language and italian


New audio features
+ Listen to magazine readings (even in simplified english !), with list filtering options as jw.org. Due to jw.org inconsistency, only magazine since January 2012 are supported
+ Listen to audio dramas
+ Listen to dramatic bible reading

New program features
+ Read daily text [Issue #2]

New settings
+ You can choose different sorting options for audio (musics, dramas and dramatic readings) and video file (thanks to elfo78)
+ You can empty the cache, if you want, to force redownload of multimedia file indexes

Small enhancements:
+ Issue #1: Added icon to music and song list
+ Issue #3: Use thumbnail view as default for video index
+ Added thumbnail view even to musics and songs index
+ Issue #4: Add image to video listed when choosing format
+ Issue #5: Add title to bible reading file
+ Issue #6: Changed icon.png

+ Issue #7: Separated audio index function from audio bible functions
+ Packaged
+ Issue #10: Added 24-hour cache for html/json request to jw.org; remember: you can empty cache to force redownload from Addon settings

+ Added some required fields to addon.xml

First public release

Supported locale
+ Italian
+ English
+ You can easily switch from one locale to one other from Addon Setting context menu

Audio features
+ Listen streaming of music and songs
+ Listen streaming of reading of the bible

Video features
+ Watch video, not only film, but also from news or from articles
+ Filter videos by categories
I've started work for allow streaming of sign language videos.

Also I'm using no more regexp to parse html, but I'll use for this new section the excellent module "beautiful soap". Of course this is only a technical curiosity, for end-use nothing changes. Probably, this will make more robust the addon itself.
I'm proud to annunce I'm rolling out the v.0.4.0 with support for streaming of video in sign languages !!!
One user found an issue with gotham (v13, actually in beta 1): if you choose a default video resolution, when a video starts an useless msgbox appear.

It's a combo of a different behaviour of gotham and a small 'bad-programming' problem by my side.

I'm working on this.

To workaround: or just ignore the msgbox, it's not blocking, or turn off default video resolution (set to '0').
Your efforts are appreciated. Thank you
Thanks !

Just yesterday I finally closed this issue on github.

It needed a complete rewrite of video and signed video code

I'm fixing the last, minor, issue (#24) when lacunhing from confluence shortcut, than I'll release the v0.5.0, with a partially improved UI for video/signed video browsing.

Please, everyone, feel free to ask me to support more content languages. Website has thoundreds of languages !
I appreciate your efforts!
I'm writing this post to offer my help if you need. I'm a java dev but i can learn python.
If you are agree send me a reply.
See you :-)
Thanks a lot.

v0.5.0 is out since some days and no one complained, so I think it's all working fine.

Probably the side when I need some help is to add more content locale support.

How to do?

signup to github
clone my repo
modify the file you want
create a pull request [please, ONLY ONE feature/fix/patch/locale at time]

The file to modify is jw_config.py

Have you some idea to improve this plugin ?
Ok, I'll do!
My parents are using a lot your plugin. They are the best beta testers!
Some things doesn't work fully and I can help to you to improve your work.
Now are some books not listed for audio streaming and others like bible waste a lot of time to recover all data.
I've read some files about your code and I have some ideas, maybe work or maybe not, but I can try it.
Before start, can you recomend me some tools to compile and test the python code? Maybe you have a good workbench implemented for this.
Thanks to you,

PD: I'm so sorry but, yesterday an auto update for xbmc popped me and I couldn't cancel. For some reason, now vids can't be listed. Throw an error with addon.py.
Quote:Some things doesn't work fully and I can help to you to improve your work.

Please, be more clear. What does not work at 100%?

Quote:Now are some books not listed for audio streaming and others like bible waste a lot of time to recover all data.
1. Books and booklets are NOT listed at all. So what do you mean?
2. Bible take a lot to load ? Please do this try: navigate to a bible book. It could be slow. Then return to main manu and navigate again to the same bible book. The second run used the cache, so it MUST be faster than the first. If it isn't, please tell me on which hardware are you running xbmc

Quote:I've read some files about your code and I have some ideas, maybe work or maybe not, but I can try it.

Please, expose it to me, before start coding. Probably it's a little thing and I can code for you

Quote:tools to compile and test the python code
I don't know any. Actually I'm testing 'manually' due to low numver of features. Of course, if you know any, explain me

Quote:For some reason, now vids can't be listed. Throw an error with addon.py.

Is resolved now? Sometimes, due to xmbc addon server issuee, not all of dependant plugins is updated, so my addon fails.
Uninstall and reinstall
@mike, please reply to me, so I can help you and increase plugin quality

I have the same error that Mike mentioned (addon.py) I have unistalled and install many times but it doesn't work.

Thank you
Please, help me with some additional info.

which version are you using and on which hardware?

the plugin itself is installed or cannot install at all?
The problem is just at every plugin start?
This happens only on video or for every section of plugin?

Depencies check:
common plugin cache is installed ?

can you paste me the log with the error?

Can you tell me exactly the steps you do to reproduce the error ?
Great job on this!
I've fxied a lot of recent issues due to html and json changes.

In a day or two I'll release v 0.6.0

Sorry, but not updated language file, because of a problem with official xbmc-langload tool
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