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Full Version: How fast do skins need list items?
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I want my addon to provide a list of show to skins (if they want it) similar to the Recently Added.

How fast after XBMC launch is a good target for providing the list? 3 seconds?

What about on a Raspberry Pi? What would you consider the requirement there?
I figured, but is there a point at which it becomes pointless?

At the moment the list is being served in <2 seconds on my laptop, but its about 6 seconds on the Pi (it aint the quickest).
you can't control how long it'll take.
it depends indeed on the platform, but also on how many scripts will run it startup.
That's true I suppose.

The thumbnails will populate as soon as they are available anyway, right?
correct, once your added has set the window properties, the skin will start to show the icons.