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Full Version: [HOW TO] KODI Linux on Amlogic TV Boxes
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I know you are compiling before the developers commit their code, so I'm aware of the chances I'm taking. But that's what open source is all about! I always was a fearless beta tester, so I'm in my turf here!

Your Gotham 13.0 build has been running fine for day to day use since you posted. It hasn't crashed once!

I have an ATV520, so should I avoid installing this new 13.1 build or not?

Just another quick question Biatsch. can you give me a link where I can also learn to compile from Github direct. I have not looked into this but would be useful especially if I could make my own ROMs with all the add-ons and configurations I need personally already set up. I am a retired electronics and comms engineer and a quite knowledgeable power user, though a little bit rusty in some areas now. I cannot sign into the XDA Dev forum as I do not yet meet their criteria so this is the only real useful forum where I can get in touch with yourself and the github developers like cronicory

WIll this new MX_LINUX-Gotham_G02REF-06082014.zip install on to a box with the 4.2 MyGiga Android installed? Is this the Illia version with passthrough fixed?

From current machine:

# cat /proc/mtd
dev: size erasesize name
mtd0: 00400000 00200000 "logo"
mtd1: 00800000 00200000 "boot"
mtd2: 20200000 00200000 "system"
mtd3: 1f400000 00200000 "cache"
mtd4: 12c00000 00200000 "backup"
mtd5: aba00000 00200000 "data"
mtd6: 00008000 00001000 "ubootenv"
Tinker, one major problem I find with the ATV520 with Linux Gotham builds (and for Frodo 12.4 too) is that they now use the WiFi Network Manager to enable switching on and off WiFi access and indeed that works brilliantly with the ATV1200 boxes, but this as you likely know is incompatible with the Broadcom WiFi system in the ATV 520 boxes. So with Frodo 12.3 or earlier versions, which of course are without the Network Manager already pre-installed, you can switch WiFI access and Wired on and off by using the excellent simple fix from Macbeth1975 on the xbmchub.com forum.

For those who do not know of this excellent fix for this long term WiFi access bug, then I repeat MacBeth1975's instructions below. It works with both the dual core ATV520 boxes and the old single core MyGica A11 / Sumvision Nano Slim+ boxes with any Linux Frodo version prior to 12.4. So just carry out the following easy task.

Using File Manager all you need do is to find the following small .xml file here:-

and copy it to

Many thanks indeed to Macbeth1975 for this wonderful much needed fix.

This will stick and not need repeating so just then reboot and go to your usual System/Settings/System/Internet Access screen and you will now find clicking on the top Network Connection option (probably currently says Wired) you will find the AccessPoints screen now comes up showing Wired and all other WiIF access points in range that it can see, So now that enables you to connect to you WiFi access point and put in your WiFi password etc, great news indeed. You can switch back to Wired or change Access points now any time you wish whereas before this was only available immediately after you first flashed your box to Linux XBMC

I wish they would use this fix with Frodo 12.4 and Gotham builds rather than this more limited Newtwork Manager option, as then it will work with all boxes even with Broadcom WiFi system installed. I am sure this could be compiled into the new builds and if I can learn how to compile will look into this.

Thanks for the tip on the WIFI fix. I don't use WIFI but would beta test any fixes that work for the version I'm using for others benefit.

As I mentioned Tinker this fix will NOT work on Linux XBMC Frodo 12.4 and Gotham builds as they use the Network WiFi Manager system and you do not have any Network Connection options available in the System/Settings/System/Internet Access screen so the fix will simply not work though does not appear to cause any problems either though I have removed the copied file with my Gotham 13.0 set up on my personal ATV1200 box.
Compiling from LLia abborted with fault Sad(((

steps u have to do compiling from Croniccorey latest Gotham


for geniatech devices

u just have to Exchange defconfig for other devices

watch in here https://github.com/CoreTech-Development/...ml/configs to see ur device`s config and what to type in for sudo make...................

EMPTY BOOTCARD to put in the Zip u compiled Wink

if u Change Name from compiled zip like MX_LINUX-G02REF-update.zip to another filename just edit factory_update_param.aml within bootcard with your filename of the zip

I was going to ask the same thing: how to compile off Github, so thanks anyways! It's been over 15 years since I've compiled a kernel. Lets see how much I remember. My specialty was video and sound card drivers, so maybe I still got the knack!


Whoa Biatsch thanks a lot but please note I have never done any kernel compiles before so I am afraid to say you lost me there apart from the useful Empty Bootcard system which is of course easy and clear for when I do ever complete my first compile, if I ever can of course !!!.

Now can I do this from Windows 8.1 or do I need a Linux OS system to do this ?? Do I need to download the GitHub software for Windows and start trying to understand it as I am now registered with GitHub? Or is there a step by step idiot's guide with maybe any video tutorials for old aged senile old gits like me hmm ?? LOL.

Appreciate you are busy Biatsch so no problem if you do not have time and would rather see you spend it doing these nice compiles for us rather than trying to guide me through this what is for me a maze at the moment.. SUre would love to be able to compile too and very interested but I obviously am lacking some basic information still.

Are you going to repost that Gotham 13.1 compiled link you put up originally with the small fixes. Shame about the LLia new build with the audio passthrough, so hope you can crack the compile problems you are having with it.
U need linux .... Ubuntu will do it ....... in a virtual machine mine is running

Try out my steps and u will see it isnt hard its easy to compile it will just take time 2-3 hours ....... Ur machine will do everything just give it a try

Open the terminal and copy & paste the commands line by line
Doing this now! I've installed Ubuntu server on an old dual core PC and now it's mid compile. Just burned the iso for ubuntu to disc and installed on PC - didn't take long. Connected to it with putty then copied and pasted Biatsch's commands and it's now doing the last "sudo make" part. Not sure how long to go, but hopefully it will finish successfully.
Finished! The last few lines are:

Creating logo.img...
Reading files/folders...
Setting permissions...
Creating symlinks...
Signing MX_LINUX-G02REF-update.zip...
cp support/misc/target-dir-warning.txt /home/bobones/buildroot-mx_linux/output/target/THIS_IS_NOT_YOUR_ROOT_FILESYSTEM

I take it this means the build worked OK?
Thanks. What would the command be to check out the ILia branch and I'll try to compile it?

Edit: nevermind, figured it out.
(2014-06-09, 17:17)bobones Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks. What would the command be to check out the ILia branch and I'll try to compile it?

Edit: nevermind, figured it out.