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Full Version: [HOW TO] KODI Linux on Amlogic TV Boxes
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Just wanted to post because I've seen Raymw with issues with his Denon. I myself have a Denon AVR-891 using a JynxBox M6 running newest posted firmware with no issues at all getting DTS, Dolby, etc over HDMI. I'm kinda wondering with your AVR500 that's a pretty stripped down AVR that might only be able to handshake with Blu-rays good for DTS, etc rather then these media boxes that don't really adhere to the same practices that big companies do when making products. Denon is a great AVR but keep in mind its Marantz's cheaper line of AVR's. Same company.

Anyways like you said it works for Frodo so keep using that till something changes in future builds but I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents for someone who is running the firmware and is using a Denon.
Here's a new build with passthrough thats supposed to be fixed by cronicorey yesterday if anyone wants to test

Heres the build MX_LINUX-G02REF-update-25-06-14.zip
I'll test it when I get home after work today and report back
Thanks very much AuxBox for the new compile for the ATV 1200 and 520 boxes, brilliant. Used your new compile with a blank empty reboot SD card set-up and pointing the factory_update_param.aml file to your new MX_LINUX-G02REF-update 26-06-14.zip compile from corey's latest Gotham 13.1 build. Installed this onto a brand new Android 4.1 ATV1200 box and it went smooth as a baby's bum booting into Gotham 13.1 and the new corey build. Been testing it now all day and it is working very smoothly and looking very stable. WiFi works too but not yet tested with a Broadcom installed ATV 520 box yet but will do very soon now to see if this WiFi recognition problem has also been fixed in Network WiFi Manager. Will report back later on this.

Okay the biggie for me was whether the passthrough AC3 and DTS audio would now work properly to my Denon AVR 500 box and sadly the answer is no as it is still the same problem as I reported above.

However I did a little more research and find that with the terrible noise corruption is simply the data feeding into my AVR which has not auto switched itself over to AC3/DTS mode so is not expecting digital audio data streams and thus the corrupt staccato noise of the audio data stream I am hearing. So I went into my AVR 500 set-up menus with the media from the MyGica box held on pause so as to stop the noise. I went to Inputs/Input Select/Decode Mode and selected the option to change the correct default Audio option to DTS and hit okay. Restarted the AC3 content media form the MyGica and as expected now no sound heard at all and no longer the noise (but it was not DTS content but AC3 from the media playing thus no audio at all). Went back to my AVR set up menu and with no option for AC3 (only PCM/DTS and Auto) switched it back to the default Auto and restarted the media and now the AVR showed Dolby D on the display and the AC3 surround audi working fine. Trouble is I have to do this for every AC3/DTS content media when I start playing it, or else just switch off passthrough in Linux XBMC and go without DD/DTS surround sound :-(.

So clearly my Denon AVR500 box is not recognising the initial switching signal when starting AC3 or DTS content and thus not auto switching to passthrough digital audio mode. This does NOT happen with Frodo 12.3 and earlier versions so it is something that must have been altered in the later builds. Also my friend has the very same Denon AVR 500 model and we tried his unit on my system with exactly the same results. So it proved my personal AVR box is not faulty but just this latest model is somehow incompatible with all the Linux XBMC Gotham builds up to now (and Frodo 12.4 also).

Can you or someone who is in touch with cronicorey please pass on my many thanks and regards to him and mention about this audio problem I have to him too. I appreciate it is really only him and his direct team that could possibly fix this for me major problem.

Thanks AccordXTC for your feedback. Yes I know this is the entry level model which is good value but certainly not cheap by any means. I chose this model because I like Denon gear and it has all I need and more with it's features, so why would I need to pay out a lot more for features I simply do not need or use, like 4K Ultra HD HDMI support as I wont be buying one of those 4K TVs for probably over 5 years or more or indeed if ever. And the number of HDMI inputs and other connections is more than enough to meet all my needs and more, with plenty of good audio power for my living room area too. The amp section is excellent quality as you would expect from Denon gear which as you know is far superior to the usual run of the mill consumer grade Samsung, Philips, LG etc DVD surround sound units, like the old Philips HQ DVD player/surround amp I had before. The sound from my AVR500 is truly awesome with the standard Denon 5.1 speaker system I purchased with it which includes the big powerful mains driven SubWoofer unit too. Certainly my friends are very impressed with the great movie sound I get from this system, especially with DTS content playing,.

The AVR500 works perfectly for all other sources including my BluRay player etc and all my Linux XBMC boxes prior to Frodo 12.4 version. Glad to hear your Denon AVR891 works okay with the latest Linux XBMC build, good news indeed :-) Just so strange that a latest highly rated Denon AVR 500 home theatre unit would have this passthrough auto switching problem with the latest XBMC builds Huh Will take it up with the local Denon service centre too.now I have identified the problem and know it is not just a fault with my individual unit.
(2014-06-26, 00:22)AuXBoX Wrote: [ -> ]Here's a new build with passthrough thats supposed to be fixed by cronicorey yesterday if anyone wants to test

Heres the build MX_LINUX-G02REF-update-25-06-14.zip

awesome, thanks! last build is working well but I'll update to this one.

I can also test wifi too, even though I use Ethernet.

I'm now recommending to friends and colleagues to go with the Linux firmware if they're able to use Ethernet. if wifi works on the 520 then it becomes a no brainer.
hang on, doesn't atv520 need STVMX?

(2014-06-26, 00:22)AuXBoX Wrote: [ -> ]Here's a new build with passthrough thats supposed to be fixed by cronicorey yesterday if anyone wants to test

Heres the build MX_LINUX-G02REF-update-25-06-14.zip
This build loads and works fine with an ATV520 box but as promised I can now confirm after testing that the WiFi Manager does not work with this 520 box. Still the Broadcom issue needs to be fixed. Shame as otherwise a superb build but if you do not need WiFi then go for it with this 25th June new 13.1 build from cronicorey.
I'll have a new build to test uploaded in a few hours
Possible fix for the Broadcom WiFi issue maybe ?? What changes are going to be in this new build ??

BTW I have made now 40 posts in this XBMC Org forum and been working and testing and helping with feedback with these Linux XBMC boxes for over a year, so do not consider myself a complete novice now, Yet I still cannot get write access to the XDA dev forum even though it says you need to make at least 10 useful posts in other XBMC Org forums here. I feel I have more than exceeded that and would be good sometimes to add helpful stuff and relevant queries to that XDA forum too. So what do I need to do now ??
Thanks AuXBoX - relative newbie but just wanted to say this new build works extremely well on my ATV1200 (sumvision brand) No playback issues at all yet on either 720 or upscaled 1080 films. Passthrough works well (have tested both AC3 & DTS on my old Sony DAV-S550)
Streaming also runs smoothly over Ethernet (I've tested the wifi connection via the network manager addon and it seems to work but don't really need it) Most of my addon links tested work well and all my userdata was retained after the install.

All in all - a really stable and fast build. The only thing that would make these builds perfect IMO would be true 1080p output but from my limited understanding and what I've read on these threads this requires an update to the kernel.

Thanks to all who continue to contribute and invest time and effort into these superb builds!
The next build apprently has an updated kernel. Not sure if it will have 1080 though, will post soon

Latest Commits in next build

M6_MX: Update defconfigs
G02REF/G18REF/DBXMX/JYNXM6: Bump prebuilt kernels to 20140314
I've updated the gotham build to 27-06-14 on first page for people to try
(2014-06-27, 16:36)AuXBoX Wrote: [ -> ]I've updated the gotham build to 27-06-14 on first page for people to try

fantastic, thanks again. fyi your dropbox link for the FW doesn't work.
Quote:fantastic, thanks again. fyi your dropbox link for the FW doesn't work.

Try now
Updated to build 28-06-14

Latest Commits

Bump Patches:
Bump PVR addons

Download is on first page.

Can people test whether this is true 1080 output