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Full Version: Need some help with Advanced Launcher/Project 64
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I'm trying to get Project 64 to launch from XBMC. So far I have managed to get the program to launch but I am having problems with the rom part. How do I browse my romes and then get Project 64 to open them?
Check out rom collection browser. I've had much more success with it than advanced launcher.
(2013-12-16, 04:56)bradwatson Wrote: [ -> ]Check out rom collection browser. I've had much more success with it than advanced launcher.

Thats actually exactly what I did. Unfortunately it still isnt working. It launches the emulator and scrapes the roms but I get an error on launch. Says unable to load file.
What are your advanced settings as far as passing the ROM name? Are you using quotes or no quotes? I'll check mine and let you know what I'm using.
Here is my N64 configuration using Project64 emulator. Keep in mind, I'm using a RetryoPlayer build of XBMC so I might have some XML tags in here that aren't in yours, not really sure...

<RomCollection id="1" name="Nintendo 64">
<gameclient />
<saveStatePath />
<saveStateParams />
<mediaPath type="boxfront">D:\emulation\N64\ROMs\boxfront\%GAME%.*</mediaPath>
<mediaPath type="boxback">D:\emulation\N64\ROMs\boxback\%GAME%.*</mediaPath>
<mediaPath type="cartridge">D:\emulation\N64\ROMs\cartridge\%GAME%.*</mediaPath>
<mediaPath type="screenshot">D:\emulation\N64\ROMs\screenshot\%GAME%.*</mediaPath>
<mediaPath type="fanart">D:\emulation\N64\ROMs\fanart\%GAME%.*</mediaPath>
<preCmd />
<postCmd />
<scraper name="thegamesdb.net" replaceKeyString="" replaceValueString="" />
<scraper name="archive.vg" replaceKeyString="" replaceValueString="" />
<scraper name="mobygames.com" replaceKeyString="" replaceValueString="" />

Also I'm first launching a .bat file that copies my controller configurations over to my Project64 directory so that I don't have to mess around with re-configuring them in case one isn't plugged in. The emulatorparams tag is the one that is probably screwed up for you.
Quotings depend of which version of Project 64 you are using : http://www.gwenael.org/xbmc/index.php?ti...64#Windows