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Full Version: Advanced Launcher, mednafen/zsnes,etc emu audio issues
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First I'd like to start by saying that sometimes I'd like to take these emulators, along with XBMC and throw them out the window due to the frustration, lol. But before I do that, I'm working with Advanced Launcher and TRYING to get sound from these emulators (namely mednafen and zsnes). In Eden I got these to work flawlessly, however, in Frodo, this isn't the case. In fact, I spent most of last week trying to get mednafen to display an image, with different cfg changes and scripts. Luckily I got that working.

Now, the issue is getting sound to work in mednafen and zsnes. I'm running Frodo 12.2 Git:32b1a5e on a DFI LanParty GF 9400 mobo,w/quad core intel. I have perfect audio thru HDMI for movies and everything else, with the exception of emulators. In fact, when in xbmcbuntu (openbox) running these emus has no sound either. As far as I can tell, I have some alsa packages, but not all required I suspect. Ive tried changing the default.d file to enable alsa, with no effect. i've also changed the input and passthrough with various configs, no change. In both zsnes and mednafen's cfg files, sound is enabled. Are there certain packages I need to pull down? Ideas?