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Full Version: Forum Jump menu disappearance
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I see the Forum Jump menu "usually at the bottom right of pages" has disappeared. Please bring it back it, make the forums much more easy to get around in. Thanks
has been disabled for performance reasons. If we see that server can handle load again it might be enabled again.
I was wondering where that went, I'd have to agree that navigating the forums is a pain in the arse without it.
Never used it. I know my way around
It was disabled because it does quite a costly SQL query on every page load, which is not properly cached by the forum software.

It might be possible to circumvent this issue without having the forum code but I'll have to a lot more testing.

( In general we try not to modify too much in the forum software code itself because it can severely hamper upgrade scenarios. )
(2013-12-16, 21:53)Martijn Wrote: [ -> ]Never used it. I know my way around

Nothing to do with not knowing your way round, it makes what was a 2 action thing into something that can take 5 or 6 actions.

For those that have never used it, an example of my use case:

In the Windows forum I stroll down through the threads to see what's new and maybe open one, I then scroll through posts then maybe reply so I'm at the last post at the bottom.

I then want to hop across to the Development Forum.

With Forum Jump it was click drop down and select new forum.

Now it's:

Scroll up
Scroll up (2 scrolls needed to get back to top)
Go the forum root breadcrumb "XBMC Community Forum"
Scroll down (dependant on forum, but anything below half way needs a minimum of 1 scroll and maybe 2 scrolls for somewhere like the Team forum)
Select Forum

Yes it's being lazy, but then I don't know a forum which doesn't provide Forum Jump, and if you use multiple forums like I do then it becomes a instinctive navigation method and is something I constantly use on every forum I visit, particularly on large forums that have many sub-forums, and it sticks out like a sore thumb not having it.

So from my perspective it would be nice to have back it as using the forum is frustrating for me at the moment, but maybe I'll get use to not having it.
I agree, entirely.

Only two slight variations
- I do use another forum without it, and that too is frustrating in the amount of work needed.
- I'd like the next / previous offer to appear at the bottom as well as the top
my way of doing thigs is:
- open forum
- open every subforum of interest with unread topics in a new tab (middle mouse button)
- travers through tabs and open every interesting post in a new tab
- mark all forums read
- read and close tabs
- done
Sorry to necro such an old thread. For the benefit of the lazy (read: me), instead of enabling the forum jump (and its expensive query), what about duplicating the breadcrumb trail already shown at the top of every page


to the bottom of the page as well. In theory, the information is already loaded so no additional SQL cost should be required. But then again, I've never customized a forum myself.

Yes it only saves a single press of the Home key or a few scrolls of a mousewheel to the top of the page, but most of the time when you're ready to navigate away from the current thread, you're at the bottom of the page anyway. And yes, I'm being the epitome of lazy. Wink