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Full Version: Fully Automating
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Hey Guys:
I'm a complete noob to this,so I'm sorry for prob asking some common questions.
I have a home server set up with xbmc,sick beard,and couch potato.
My main issues are having this be fully automated. I've looked at so many q/a blogs,websites,videos...and I'm still so lost and really stuck.

How can I have this fully automated so it just works.

sincerely frustrated

What are you struggling with?

I understand automation but what part?

I have a NAS that runs SB, CP and SAB, after a download I have a script that sends a library update to XBMC so it downloads on its own, upon completion updates libary so all I do is turn on TV and watch.

What are you missing?
honestly I'm not sure. Is there some info I could I've to you to let you know? Like I said I'm a noob @ this.
You can send me whatever you want and I can try and help you.
This forum is really for XBMC support but lots of people use SB, CP and other tools to get content into XBMC.

So send me what you got and I can try and help.
Well, if you have sickbeard and couchpotato working fully, they are the automated part of this whole thing. Xbmc is basically just for viewing that content. You're stuck on getting movies/tv shows into xbmc?