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Full Version: Executing programs
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Whether the new engine XBMC, support exe file,something like :
But with direct line something like : <onclick>C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe</onclick>

Best Regards
nope. you'll have to tell xbmc what to do with the file.
use system.exec() if you want to execute the file
use playmedia() if you want to play the file
and so on...
Thank you for your response, ronie.

One more question if it is not a problem,can we expect support for games section, like we have for movies and music.
Maybe I am boring with this question, but I believe that I am not alone on this issue.
I just wanna say,xbmc is great software and should be even better.
the games library (see: retroplayer) is still work in progress.
it won't be part of xbmc gotham.
Thank you