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Full Version: Filesharing from Mac OS Server
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Hi guys,
i'm really going nuts. I'm using XBMC 12.2 on Windows 7 SP1. I want to stream some Files (MP3s) from my Macbook with Mavricks 10.9 installed. I tried severel options, but none of them works. Does anybody have antoher idea?
  • Mac Filesharing via SMB: Yeah i tried that. I read that this will not work at all, coz of the new SMBX stack in MacOS. I tried to mount the network share directly into XBMC. Did not work. On the windows-level it's no problem to use the share. I also tried to map the share as a network drive. This is visible in XBMC, but there are not files or folders in it.
  • NFS sharing: XBMC could not find the share via Zeroconf browser. I used the HOWTO in the XBMC wiki for that.
  • SMBup: Installed the SAMBA SMB stack. Did not work either. I even can not see the share on the windows level.

I think i could maybe a access rights problem. How does that work on Mac? I'm not very faniliar with the unix permission rights.

greetz chuck
Ok, here is the debug log while i was clicking on NFS-share in the "add source" dialog

nfs server of osx is never shown in the zeroconf browser. Try either the nfs browser or add the nfs url manually (nfs://ip/path/to/exported/folder)
okay you are right. but neither the nfs browser nor adding the path manually works Sad
debug log (wiki) after adding the path manually and trying to access it...
hi memphiz,
todays it's working after manueally adding the share. i don't know why. i did not do anything different than yesterday. Smile

best chuck