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Full Version: Own NFO, poster, fanart
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I want to collect information for my movies, including a poster, backdrop and fanart.
I'm able to create a working NFO and poster. But I dont know how to name backpath and fanart.

I have a folder Oldboy (2003) including a Oldboy (2003).nfo and a Oldboy (2003).jpg - XBMC recognize these files when adding the folder to the library. But how to name fanart etc?
either "Oldboy (2003)-fanart" or just "fanart"
These should show you most of the types- http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Add...Filenaming
(2013-12-17, 21:06)wgstarks Wrote: [ -> ]These should show you most of the types- http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Add...Filenaming

Thank you this what I was looking for! Smile

(2013-12-17, 20:58)G elly N Wrote: [ -> ]either "Oldboy (2003)-fanart" or just "fanart"

Wow.. This works, thank you!

But XBMC gets kinda in trouble. Complete clean and fresh install - images wont get loaded. Then I press 'Refresh' ("... from internet?" -> no!) and images get visible.
Then the poster still isn't visible. When I press 'choose art' the current poster (from my folder) *is* visible - but only in the preview for choosing a image. XBMC restart do not help.

Snippet from log:
20:02:07 T:5416 ERROR: Texture manager unable to load file: special://masterprofile/Thumbnails/a/ae0b7a35.jpg
20:02:18 T:7424 ERROR: XFILE::CDirectory::GetDirectory - Error getting C:\DEV\tmp\pyscrape\sub\Die Logan Verschwoerung (2012)\.actors

Pictures from the problem

Choose art

Now I removed the movie from library, closed xbmc, deleted files from thumbnails folder, started xbmc, rescanned library: poster hidden, fanart hidden -> refreshed movie: poster visible, fanart hidden -> choose art: both visible
In the thumbnails folder only exist 1 file, the poster. Error log says again 'cant load file from thumbnails folder..'.

As I said - complete fresh install of xbmc, just added this one folder that contains *one* movie
Folder structure with *all* subfolders / files

-- TestFolder
---- Die Logan Verschwoerung (2012)
------ Die Logan Verschwoerung (2012).mkv
------ Die Logan Verschwoerung (2012).nfo
------ poster.jpg
------ fanart.jpg

I added 'TestFolder' to the library, ticked "Movies are in seperate folders that match the movie title'
Checked all different views for the library - didn't help

I guess textures13.db was kinda corrupted.