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Full Version: Duplicate TV Show Episodes, all of them
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Hi Everyone,

I am new to XBMC, but after many hours of toil I finally have it setup. But I am running into one issue. All of the TV shows I add show up with 2 of every episode, and I mean all of them (I have 30 different shows, with double the expected episodes in each). I have verified that there is only one source file for each episode. I have cleaned the database multiple times. I have even removed the TV Shows source, allowed it to clean the DB then re-added it to no avail. Even if I manually remove the duplicates, as soon as I scan for changes they come back, I'm at a loss. Any ideas?

O, I should also mention that this is not an issue with the Movies I have, they all show up only once.

Thanks for the help.

My Setup:
Files are stored on a 10Tb NAS (NAS4Free). There are no restrictions on access to the share which is mapped as Z: TV Shows are in Z'\TV Shows\ and movies are in Z:\Movies

The SBMC machine is a Windows 7 Machine, running 4Gb of RAM and an AMD Athlon x4 640 (3.0Ghz) processor. Hooked up to a 1080P 47" TV (I forget the brand right now).

It would appear that my issue was with the DB itself. So I deleted it and scanned my sources again. Everything is now working a-ok, no more duplicates!