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Full Version: Buffering problem on Windows machines
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Hi everybody!
So I have 3 computers with XBMC: laptop with Win7, HTPC with Win7 and another HTPC at upstairs with Debian, all the rigs have modern hardware with SSD drives, 8gigs of DDR3 or more etc.
With Debian everything works fine but with both of my Win machines I can´t watch flash videos at all Undecided For example, if I watch videos with cinemassare add-on 90% of the videos won´t buffer at all (if I press O during video, it shows cache 0B all the time with Win but Debian buffers fine). ThatGuyWithTheGlasses buffers but not very well and the playback stutters.
I´ve tried to make a advancedsettings file with multiple settings from 0 cache to 300MB but no difference. Flash videos also stutters with the browsers so is this flash related problem and does anybody have a clue what should I try next to fix this problem?