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Full Version: Poster/fanart on remote share vs local
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Hi, I wonder if someone could advise me on poster and fanart support under windows.

I have a windows samba server with movies on. Each movie is in it's own folder with the following file naming conventions:

/movies/FilmNameA/FilmNameA (year).mkv
/movies/FilmNameA/FilmNameA (year).nfo
/movies/FilmNameA/FilmNameA (year)-poster.jpg
/movies/FilmNameA/FilmNameA (year)-fanart.jpg

/movies/FilmNameB/ etc...

If I add smb://IP_ADDRESS/movies as a network share via samba then the movie posters and fanart don't show up. If I map the samba share as a drive letter and add this then the fanart and posters do show. So I guess XBMC wants to treat remote shares differently for optimization reasons maybe?

Is there a way I can force XBMC to use the posters and fanart from the samba share?
As far as i know it should show poster and fanart from rremote shares.
Any update on this? I think I'm seeing the same behaviour...
Not a windows guy, but what app is adding the movie images etc? Perhaps file permission issues showing up under smb?
Same for me tried everything and same issue as author of this thread:

SMB://path_to_poster -> doesnt work

Mapping share as eg Z: letter and putting

z:\path_to_poster -> works well

Can not be permission issue (same share mapped as Z: drive works) - then what's wrong ??

** EDIT **
Got some sucess re this actually
Thanks this: http://xbmc-commander.com/page2/page9/page9.html

Ive added pswd info to passwords.xml and seems starting working!

Than looks that pswd is not passed from source to thoubnails ?
Doubtful that anyone can really help unless someone provides a debug log (wiki) while scraping and/or browsing your library.