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Full Version: Can't change View type in video addons
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I'm not sure if this is by design. In video add-ons for YouTube and so forth I cannot change the view at all. I'm stuck with "file panel". Is it possible to change the view?
Probably by design because there's no way of knowing what aspect ratio they are.
I guess you mean there's no way of knowing the aspect ratio of thumbnails in the respective addons. I find in other skins that usually a couple of views will accommodate the less typical aspect ratios.

In any case, I would very much like to be able try out the other views, because "file panel" is pretty limiting, as I can barely see the thumbnail anyway, and I can't see any info for the video (the YT addon fetches the video description, for instance).
If the add-on doesn't set any type of content (Movies, TV Shows), then you have only the basic list view.