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Full Version: No audio - XBMC 12.3 and OSX 10.9 Mavericks
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i just installed XBMC 12.3 on my iMac 24-inch (early 2009) running with OSX 10.9.1 Mavericks.

I hear the menu sound but when i play movies or PVR, there is no audio.

Any ideas?

Thank you and Merry Christmas
Same issue here, mid 2012 MBP - i believe this was already fixed in a few test builds but is now back...
Same issue here with OSX 10.9.1
Menu sounds but no sound for movies or audio files

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year XBMC team and users

will this be fixed or is there a workaround or another beta release that hat not the issue?

I dont see the issue on 10.9.1 , until we can reproduce there is nothing to be fixed

EDIT: try to backup userfolder and see if that fixes the issue

i deleted the app and the XBMC-folder in Application Support and did a fresh install.

Now i here the audio.

Thank you and Greetings
I get no audio in OSX 10.9.1 on my 2012 Mac Mini unless I change audio output device to "Default", Audio Output to HDMI, Multi-Channel LPCM receiver to YES (checked). All three of those have to be set that way or I get no audio what-so-ever.

5.1 Audio won't play (downmix to) stereo, though. I only get two of the channels (speaker setup is set to 2.1). And I'm NOT using HDMI for audio (one of my two monitors does have HDMI and it will work in OSX, but that monitor is off right now. I'm just talking about my analog output connected to Klipsch THX 2.1 speakers.

I did not have this problem in Eden and I don't think I had it before in alpha Gotham (Oct13) I tried out one time, but running that Gotham alpha I get no sound now at any setting so I'm not certain. Running Eden gives full sound with either "analog" or "HDMI" settings and works as expected with everything (all downmix, DTS, etc. work fine).

Edit: OK, after a bit of testing with the application support files and what not, I finally figured out what was causing the loss of audio. I had speaker setup set to 2.1, but it's apparently not a "real' 2.1 speaker setup (i.e. no separate sub channel, but rather a sub/sat through analog setup). Setting it back to 2.0 (I don't think 2.1 existed in Eden, just 2.0) got sound working again regardless of all the other settings stored in Application Support.
It would appear (after installing XBMC 12.3 on another Mac) that it seems to default to a speaker configuration of 2.1 if the previous version was 2.0 in Eden). If i erase the configuration data, then it seems to default to 2.0 instead so maybe it's an upgrade issue. I don't know what upgrading to 12.3 from Eden would do if it was set to 4.1 or 5.1 or whatever.
might be the upgrade path from eden to frodo - yeah. 2.0 is the correct default for most setups (including pass thrpough of 5.1 via ac3/dts!).
(2014-01-04, 20:26)Memphiz Wrote: [ -> ]might be the upgrade path from eden to frodo - yeah. 2.0 is the correct default for most setups (including pass thrpough of 5.1 via ac3/dts!).

Apparently if you used any prior version of XBMC it will select 2.1 as default (did so on my Macbook Pro as well). You have to delete all traces of any prior installs in the ~Library/Application Support/XBMC... in order for it to default correctly, it seems. I had similar problems with it refusing to use TVDB to look up shows. I had to delete the prior database files. I didn't have that problem on the Mac Mini, but I didn't try adding new sources either.