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Full Version: A few questions...
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I'm using Raspbmc on the raspberry pi.

Out of the many skins I've tried so far, Xeebo is the best. I do have a few questions though.

1) I'm using a usb wireless mouse and I notice that when I move the cursor it's jumpy (when I'm running the Youtube app), and the skin itself is kinda slow. Is there any way to make it faster? (I've already used this tutorial to make my pi faster, except for the overclocking & using a usb thumbdrive: http://mymediaexperience.com/raspberry-p...h-raspbmc/)

2) When you go to Settings -> Appearance -> Skin -> Settings -> Custom Items, you can add custom items to your home screen (if you have the alternate home screen enabled). That's a great feature, thanks! Although it only lists items 1-10 in this setting and 15 items are displayed on the home screen. There is no scroll bar or anything, how do I add/change items for #'s 11-15?

3) Is there any way way that I can customize this skin by myself and if so, how could I do that?