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Full Version: New android media box help
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I bought a n androidmedia box model no mx android version 4.2.2 but when I try going to xbmc from the initial boot up screen it just goes of and then back to the start up screen I can't do anything.i am lost, can someone tell me in plain English what I need to do so I can watch a movie or anything on xbmc please help Meir someone can just tell me how to get to the xbmc home screen in very simple language I can follow
xbmc.log or logcat, see FAQ
Thank you for your help but as I am so thick I'm not sure what it means, if I could just get the xbmc home screen on I have simple instructions on how to do the rest thank you
Your XBMC log will be called something like:


You can inspect this with a simple text editor - look at the end to see if any error messages are in it. Personally though I would do a clean install of XBMC and try again first. Not being able to get XBMC'S home screen up is fairly fundamental and would seem to indicate something went wrong with your previous install.
Total newbe here but i have just installed xbmc on my new android media box, when you first install how long are you waiting, the initial start up took me around 15 minutes looking at a blank screen, i thought like you it wasn't working but left it to do it's thing and hey presto it came on, then booting once you have got past this takes seconds.

Go to Settings - Apps -xbmc
Click on clear data then Install Xunity from System - file manager - add source.


type supa unity in the box below.

System - settinds - add ons - install from zip file - pick supa unity

plugin.video.talkwizard or repositorys to pick

program - program addons - talk wizardSmile

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