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Full Version: xbmcbuntu-12.2.Intel-AMD.iso checksum mismatch
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I very clearly stated it would take me some time to properly solve this because I wanted to manually check that the iso I put up was working.

You shouted a text that wasn't valid anymore, which is why I removed it. I edited the post to make extremely clear it was edited by me as well.
I wanted to make clear this issue is now solved in a way that it can't go wrong anymore. Your bold shouting text was pretty much distracting from my post directly above it stating that it would take a few days to solve properly.

I suggest you take a deep breath and get off your high horse and realise that you did not came over as a knowledgeable user in your first post on this forum, but as an obnoxious brat that failed to read through the thread. Your consistent usage of bold text can be considered as being rude, as you no doubt know. You now react as a child by removing the entirety of the post and overreacting enormously, again in bold.

On this forum people are judged by what and how they post on this forum, not by what they have posted on other forums.
I am looking forward to your contributions.
Seems like something is still wrong with this download, I'm downloading from a different site atm but the first two get to like 99% and then say Network Error Sad
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