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Full Version: Fixing the Quickstart Guide
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Alright, I was going to link to the quickstart guide today, but then I discovered that it doesn't actually help a user to start anything, so now I have a new goal of fixing it. (BTW, I evidently don't have wiki access anymore.)

To begin, I think we need to define what a quick start guide is and is not.

What it is is a bare-bones method of telling people how to do the most essential things in XBMC. Add videos. Add music. Add pictures. Everything else is tangential and should only be mentioned if absolutely necessary, because if not mentioned it will be harder to understand how to do those essential things.

What it is not is an overview of what XBMC can and cannot do. If a section starts with "XBMC can...," we know we have a problem. The goal is not to say what a user can do. The goal is to quickly and efficiently say HOW to do it.

So if we do a section by section overview, here's what we've got:

0. Introduction

I'm fine with this part. It's not technically necessary for a quick start guide, but if this is the very first thing a user sees about XBMC, it does the job.

1. Main Features

I'd say axe this section entirely. It's an overview of what XBMC can do. It's not a guide on how to do any of it and therefore it doesn't fit in the quick start guide. The only possible way I'd consider this section worth saving is if every Feature listed gets a How-to on the same page.

2. Installing

This part is fine. "Go to downloads, install." (The install guide section needs some rewording. The title of section 1 should be "Installation Guides by OS." Section 2 should be... I don't know what, since the links don't go to installation guides and therefore are mildly inappropriate on a page that lists installation guides.)

3. Adding Files

This entire section should be nuked and rebuilt. None of it actually says how to do anything. It just says what is possible, then sends the user to another page that typically has a massive wall of text that's equally useless.

4. using a remote

This section is tricky, since there's no one way to get remotes working. I'm of mixed views on it.

5. XBMC Addons

This section should be either removed or replaced. It doesn't say how to install an addon. It doesn't say how to use an addon. Therefore, it doesn't fulfill the requirements of a quickstart guide.

6. Changing the look and feel

This section is perfect.

7. Context menu

Very useful. Leave it.
For adding Videos and Music I always point people to:

Video_library/Adding_media_sources (wiki)

Adding_music_to_the_library (wiki)

The Quickstart Guide should utilise a guided Step 1, Step 2 approach as in that Video_library/Adding_media_sources (wiki) page.
Quote:(BTW, I evidently don't have wiki access anymore.)

Aye, remember the day I broke the wiki? The wiki user database got reset, so you just need to re-register via Special:RequestAccount (wiki)
I had a go at updating it using sections from other parts of the wiki (added bonus, those sections get updated in both places at once).
note to self or anyone else willing to do it: redo the linux install section.