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Full Version: USB connected SDD causes core
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Log here

Intel i3 NUC DC3217IYE, 4GB RAM, 60GB mSATA SDD internal
Have tried both Intel and Kingston 128GB SDDs via USB

Frodo via XBMCbuntu + latest patches. OS is largely unmolested other than adding a couple missing packages to get alert bubbles to work....

Zero issue when I play content from the local storage, and no issue playing content off an 8GB USB key - but as soon as I hang a one of the SSDs off the USB port the system becomes very unresponsive / slow to respond (can browse, but it will freeze for 10 to 30 seconds at a time, occasionally "machine gunning" the audio from the system sounds), and has, twice, cored. The moment I unmount the SSD the system is again happy as a clam.

As I am completely green to XBMC I am trying to read up and learn as quickly as I can, but I had the log so I thought I'd post up just to see if this is a known issue with large bits of external media (a quick forum search showed me nothing obviously similar). I am ASSUMING the box can power the drives in question without issue (they attach/mount with no required intervention). Nothing in the Intel docs leads me to believe these USB ports aren't as capable as those on my laptop, and I have no issue with either drive when loading the content to it.
So it seems that this may be related to USB, I've discovered that when the SSD is mounted my mouse (Mele F10-PRO) goes unresponsive but the web remote is able to navigate without issue.

Again - if I pull the SSD drive the remote is fine again.....
try with a current livecd (eg ubuntu 13.10)
Unfortunately my system bricked itself with a BIOS update (an issue a LOT of Intel NUC users seem to be having with the latest BIOS as I've learned on the Intel forums) so I can't take this any further until the unit is replaced.