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Full Version: Advanced Launcher and RetroPlayer
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I don't know if most of the users know it, but since its version 1.5.2 (released in august 2011), Advanced Launcher supports XBMC built-in functions. It's means that it is possible to play any media supported by XBMC directly from Advanced Launcher. And this is also valid for the media files (roms) supported by RetroPlayer. So if you want to create a roms launchers using RetroPlayer you just have to create a file launcher with XBMC as application and use the following parameters :

Application : CTonguerogram Files (x86)\XBMC\XBMC.exe (for Windows) or /usr/bin/xbmc (for Linux)
Arguments : PlayMedia(%rom%)
Files Extension : zip (or any other file extensions supported by RetroPlayer)

WIKI Source : http://www.gwenael.org/xbmc/index.php?title=RetroPlayer
Thanks for this. Maybe time to take the leap and uninstall all of those external emulators.
Hi Angelscry,

iI was not sure how to reach you so I will give this a try.
I have Advanced Launcher working on Ubuntu 14.04 (LTS) Kodi (Helix) and am very pleased with your innovation. Now I am trying to run Advanced Launcher 2.5.8 on Windows 7 Kod (Helix). But when I try to create a new launcher, all that comes up is a screen with the label Advanced Launcher, seeminglywithout a way to specify the application (firefox) I want to launch. Am I missing something on windows?

The reason I want to get AL running on windows is that myHauppauge 2650 tuner does not support Linux. :-(

Thanks for any suggestions you have.

Jerry (glb1945).