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Full Version: EPG Timeline as default
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Would like to request that when LiveTV is selected that EPG Timeline is opened or better yet a setting to choose what is opened when Live TV is selected. Alternatively add EPG to the submenu choices, all other view options are there except EPG.

Reason for this is that when Live TV is selected most people want to see guide listings to choose what to watch, presently there is no way to go directly to EPG
Absolutely +1!
Totally agree. EPG Timeline is, IMO, the most useful PVR window. Making the default PVR window customizable would be great.

Ideally the PVR default window would be selectable at the system settings level, so that other skins could more easily adjust as well.
I have also asked for this and was told the skin needs to be modified. I would also like this since I don't watch live tv on my computer just set up recording and watch recorded shows the live tv option is not impo4tant to me but the epg is.
That's why I left the default pvr addon and went to alternate like pseudotv and guide. If dev is willing to do that I just may come back. The whole channel listing view is just unfamiliar to most.

I would actually like when live tv is selected it opens fullscreen directly to the last selected channel and pressing the up button brings up the full guide over the live tv feed. That's ideal to me. For those who just want to browse the channels or guide, they can simply click or the submenu. Everything can be a settings and users can pick and choose.
Just map a button on remote or keyboard

You could just change what is opened when you click the "Live TV" tab or one of its submenu items. I never tested using the default "Live TV" tab but I did this when creating my own "Live TV" Main Menu tab and making my own submenu buttons using Super Favourites add-on.

I just tweaked my Live TV Main Menu item to a different Path. I think the original path is just 'ActivateWindowAndFocus(MyPVR)" and I changed it to the following in guisettings.xml:

<setting type="string" name="skin.confluence.custom.mod.HomeItem.3.Label">Live TV</setting>
        <setting type="string" name="skin.confluence.custom.mod.HomeItem.3.Path">ActivateWindowAndFocus(MyPVR, 31,0, 10,0)</setting>

This changed it to open to the EPG rather than to what it did on default, opening the tab on the left pop out menu bar.
Can this please be implemented, the default action makes no sense.
Can't believe this isn't an option, even if it's a skin option.